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Diakonia: Rolling up our sleeves: Action into our Faith and Faith into Action.
As our ancestors started coming to America during the 19th century, they arrived with one piece of luggage in one hand and a dream in the other. A dream that came true with faith and hard work. Our ancestors were serious about their traditions; their faith, their culture, and their family values. They rolled up their sleeves and worked hard for their family at home and they worked hard for the Church. They had a true sense of Diakonia!

What is Diakonia?
Diakonia is a service or ministry for Christ and His Church. It literally means to work through dirt and dust and our ancestors did a lot of that! They rolled up their sleeves and got to work, especially for others. When you are serving others, you are serving God’s people and when you are serving God’s people, you are serving Lord Himself.

Our Faith and our works are inseparable just as love is inseparable from action.

We roll up our sleeves to pray hard, we roll up our sleeves to work hard, we roll up our sleeves to cook well, and we roll up our sleeves to dance well.

Our ancestors taught us that good and honest work is most fulfilling when its goal is to provide for the well being for others.

As we come together to honor the rich cultural traditions of our ancestors, we must also roll up our sleeves by putting action into our faith and more faith into our actions by helping those in need.

When your group does a Diakonia Project(s), there are two easy steps:

1. Submit a short description of your group's Diakonia project along with 2-4 group photographs from the activity (in standard camera/phone JPG FORMAT ONLY). Feel free to submit more than one!
2. Submit all the information to and 

**Note: Please do not send powerpoint slides, posters, PDF or any other format etc.**

The photos submitted will be showcased at FDF (TBD).

In Christ,
Fr. Michael State
Diakonia Project Chairman

Fr. Michael State is the new Assistant Priest at Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Northridge, California.



Here is What Your Dance Group Can Do to Inspire Others To Do Charitable Works:

1. Sponsor a fund-raiser (ie walk-a-thon) and donate money to a pre-selected charity/agency.
2. Develop a relationship with a nursing home or another long care facility. Volunteer time or find a
project to offer help.
3. Collect clothes for the homeless and deliver to a selected agency.
4. Collect non-perishable food for the hungry and homeless. Work with a local food bank.
5. Volunteer to serve food at a homeless shelter.
6. Contact social services in your area and adopt a needy family for Christmas.
7. Contact, raise funds and contribute to the IOCC (International Orthodox Christian Charities). They provide ideas for fundraising.
8. Contact, raise funds and contribute to the OCMC (Orthodox Christian Mission Center). They provide ideas for fundraising.
9. Contact, raise funds and contribute to Trinity Homes. They provide ideas for fundraising.
10. Volunteer at a local children's hospital, or any hospital in your area.
11. Collect books, especially reference books and encyclopedias and donate them to prison libraries. Help promote literacy.
12. Find a local shelter collect household necessities and deliver as a group.
13. Make Greek pastries and sweets and deliver them as a group to a Veteran's Hospital. Visit with patients.
14. Work as a group to make blankets for the homeless.
15. Make health kits with hygiene necessities for the homeless and distribute them as a group to a specific facility.
16. Help deliver "Meals on Wheels" to people who cannot leave their homes.
17. Pack school supplies for needy children. Help to provide school supplies that they need.
18. Volunteer to serve meals in area homeless shelters during the seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas.
19. Have a parish rummage sale of donated items, and give the proceeds to a needy cause of your choice.
20. Sponsor a blood drive for a specific agency or hospital.
21. Sponsor a "special fast" for the entire youth of the parish as a fundraiser. Give the proceeds to a worthy organization.
22. BE CREATIVE! Develop your own unique Diakonia project.



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